Tiny Lungs


Beautiful cult poetry exploring motherhood, self and grief.

Inhalation / Exhalation

In difficult times the inhalations are shallow, tense, tight, anxious, emphasised. The exhalations bring release, lowering the heart rate, releasing tension, breathing out any toxins and allowing fresh oxygen to flood back in.

The poems here take in the inhalations and exhalations of the last few years in my life, my oxygen, my carbon dioxide. The unexpected things, the different narratives, the dark rooms, the light rooms, the joy of the everyday, the loss of dear family members, the incredible children, the changing political landscapes, the giving birth and raising of children in a pandemic, the yearning for the loved ones we are desperate to see and the deep love, kindness and laughter I have gratitude for.

The inhalations and the exhalations sit side by side, companion ups and downs, intertwining at times. And I realise I am glad for the cycles that bring me to this point.

Breathe in, breathe out. Tiny precious lungs.

All poems copyright Tatterhood_ ©

Book written and designed by Joanna Bennett and released by The Whole Gang Press.

A lo-fi, black and white, 5x8 inch book.

All illustrations by Arthur Morgan age 5 years.

Poem List:

The Light On A Sequin
Replay / Rewind
Love Notes To Europe
Dial Up
A T Shirt With A Pocket
Lockdown 2020
Locked In / Locked Down
Home School
Lights Out

Book Worm
Slow Burner
Ballerina Music Box
The Sea
Fossils And Castles
For My Son, For My Daughter
Tiny Lungs
Years End
Curtain Call

Title Tiny Lungs
Author Joanna Bennett
Edition illustrated
Publisher The Whole Gang Press, 2020
ISBN 1715809513, 9781715809515
Length 72 pages